About Potomanto

Okay, so what exactly is Potomanto?

Potomanto is a file sharing platform and the online archive of the portfolios of students from the various universities in Ghana. We are passionate about bringing students and alumnis all over the country together into one single place where they can easily see the portfolio of their colleagues, contact each other and share project ideas and files. So not only is this system meant for just students, but anyone who has attended an institution and graduated as well. Yes that also includes all working professionals who have graduated from an institution.

Our Mission

To make files and projects sharing between students and alumnis refreshingly easy. To build the largest knowledge base of files, videos, and other academic documents.

Why the name 'Potomanto'?

'Potomanto' is a local Ghanaian word which means 'briefcase' or 'document bag'. We chose this name because it is easy to remember, it is catchy, weird and funny in a totally different way. Its also very African.

So why should I use Potomanto?

Because Potomanto is amazingly simple to use, no crowdiness and downloads are easy. You don't need any third party softwares. Also, files on potomanto consists of knownledge filled files not only from you school but other insitutions as well. The world has became a global village with so many platforms trying to connect people from all over the world to each other. From the number of students who graduate from the institutions every year especially in Ghana, we believe aiming at connecting students and alumnis at the most atomic level will in some years pay off extremely. Students thus, form an integral part of the future building blocks for our nation. Our aim is not to build some sort of feature-rich social media where students and alumnis can chat and comment. Our aim is to build the system, which can help you find the right person, possible team member, business partner, employee, project ideas, lecture notes, tutorial videos and other academic documents when you need it the most in the easiest and most efficient, possible way.

How can I register?

Registering is seamless! We call it, 'adding your potomanto'. You can call it same too. From the home page, click on the 'add my potomanto' link to begin the process. Its a straight forward process. Just follow the prompts. You can also click on the 'register' link from any other page to add your potomanto. Once you complete the registration process, you can make changes to your portfolio in your dashboard (poto dashboard) when you login. You can also add a new project.

So how can I find someone I am looking for?

The search filters on potomanto have been optimized to make your searches extremely simple and highly efficient. Click the 'see faces' link or 'the faces' link depending on which part of Potomanto you are on and just search using the window which appears. You can enter partial names of people you are looking for just in case you are not sure of their full names. You can also search using the department of the person you are looking for, faculty, or gender or all the filters. Its just a matter of choice for you. But any way you choose will surely lead you to the person you are looking for.

Can you tell me more about projects and files on potomanto?

Of course! You could be working on a new project/file and may need some help with it. With this, you can simply login to your dashboard, enter some details of your project/files, upload a documentation and simply post it. As long as you provide a good description for what you want, your project will be seen by an interested fellow together with a link to your potomanto details.The person can contact you and you just take over from there. You can also make your project documents or codes available for download by others or you can make it closed. It gets better, potomanto allows you the option of setting a time limit for which your project or file should remain online.

This option is extremely useful when you don't want your files to remain online for too long but long enough for the appropriate people to access it. Just in case the file you want to share is not in the required format, simply put it into a zip folder and upload it again. On the other hand, you can also search and find projects you are looking for and may be interested in working on. Incase the project is a closed one, a pop up will appear on your screen giving you the details of the owner of the project whom you can contact. Potomanto seeks to remove the too much restrictions on simple file sharing. So go on and start uploading the lecture notes, the assignments, the code files, the projects, your other documents and also enjoy how much you can make your files self destructive by setting your deadlines.

Extra tips to get the best out of potomanto

  • Upload an old picture of you in your early days in college as your Poto-face. This gives your portfolio a super cool standard.
  • Provide enough description about your project.
  • The documentation of the project you upload can be just one file. It can also contain images and references for your research.
  • Potomanto is optimized to work well on a large range of different screen sizes but to get the very best experience we would advice that you use Microsft Edge Internet Browser on Windows 10, because its rendering aging suits best the design style of Potomanto. You can easily use other browsers as well to get a wonderful experience but then, like we said, there is always a better option.

How to send us feedback, get support and your questions answered

Contact the potomanto team on phone: 0209058871 via whatsapp: 0279666661 email: bitdistrikt@gmail.com

Any other additions?

Provide as many details as you can during the registration process, this will allow people who see your portfolio get to know you more. You can also find and contact as many people as you can to share your ideas and other details. We developed potomanto from a firm set of core values; simplicity, sleek user experience, and innovation. As much as we can, we will continue to make this platform better all the time. Add your potomanto here