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In 1999, Forbes listed 268 individuals in the United States alone who had personal net worths of $1 billion or more. What did these people do differently from everyone else to achieve such impressive, world-class accumulation of wealth? In short, billionaires start with the same basic elements every successful person uses: aspiration + inspiration + perspiration. To that foundation, billionaires then added some unique touches: • They improved their chances of success by focusing their efforts in high-growth industries. • They came up with unique ways to differentiate themselves – to stand out from the crowd. • They undertook bigger risks, thereby positioning themselves to realize proportionally larger gains as well. • They applied unorthodox business strategies. • They came up with better ways to execute other people’s ideas. • They seized the moment and made today their time to shine, rather than waiting for some future payday. Simply put, the best way to see ahead into the future is to stand on the shoulders of the giants of the past. If these strategies have worked for the established world-class accumulators of wealth, then they are worthy of emulation in the future. :Extract From The Book

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